200+ Persuasive Essay Topics for 2023

Need help choosing a topic for your next persuasive essay? Check out our list of over 200 great options, sorted by subject and grade level.

The secret to making writing more fun is picking suitable persuasive essay topics. Students may find it engaging and challenging to write a persuasive essay. They can show their research and analytical abilities while presenting their ideas in a structured manner. 

You will be required to submit a persuasive essay at least once as a high school or college student. A persuasive essay is a form of essay in which you must offer your arguments for a specific topic with credible supporting data. Like other essays, the persuasive essay must start with the right topic, which stems from interesting persuasive essay ideas. 

Are you looking for the best subjects and suggestions for persuasive essays? This blog post covered how to pick the best topic and produce a solid persuasive essay to aid your writing. We have included 200+ compelling persuasive essay topic suggestions on various issues and themes. Read this blog post to find interesting topics for persuasive essays. 

Persuasive Essay Definition

A persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing that takes a position on a certain subject. It is one of the most common essay forms that allows you, as the author, to express your opinions or views about a subject with solid evidence. A persuasive essay aims to inform the audience about your viewpoint on the subject. Often, the persuasive argument topic is a solid pointer to the subject you want to write about and may also give your audience an idea of where you stand. 

A persuasive essay's primary goal is to inform the audience of your points of view on the subject under discussion. First, you must choose the best topic for persuasive essays before writing. There are several educational materials where you can get many original argumentative essay topic ideas, including education, health, politics, science, technology, sports, and society.

Types of Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay tries to find a logical answer to a problem. The primary goal of persuasive writing is to persuade the reader of a particular point of view. Various appeals are employed to persuade the reader. There is an obvious bias or need for more objectivity in persuasive writing. Its goal is to influence the reader's thinking or prompt them to take action. This begins with choosing interesting topics for persuasive essays. 

There are four types of persuasive writing techniques. They are referred to as appeals.

  • The personal appeal attempts to influence the reader by appealing to their personality or charisma. (Consider the expert witness or the celebrity endorsement.) Personal appeal is unrelated to how a particular action or viewpoint could affect a person. The personal appeal persuades the reader by demonstrating the author's sincerity, reliability, competence, and know-how. Typically, the personal appeal uses a first-person pronoun like “I.”

  • The emotional appeal focuses on the reader's fears, loves, hates, desires, loyalty, and dreams. For example, you might believe that you have a challenge and that the advertised product will fix it. Are your clothing presentable and clean? Do you have bad breath? Do you operate a suitable vehicle? Do you cherish your nation? Would you cast your vote for those who back terrorists? Note that these questions can be carved into your persuasive paper topics. 

  • The logical appeal attempts to persuade the reader with statistics, surveys, scientific proof, deduction, induction, or other types of "proof." For instance, nine out of ten doctors endorse a specific product. When facts are used honestly, this appeal can occasionally be compelling.

  • The stylistic appeal uses the language or writing style to persuade the reader. This appeal may persuade readers via anecdotes, tales, symbolism, or poetic or potent language. Using stylistic appeal is only sometimes necessary for good writing. The author purposefully employs more literary or figurative language to influence the reader. The stylistic appeal frequently uses comedy, alliteration, repetition, or distinctive typefaces to influence the reader.

How to Choose Persuasive Essay Topics

Choosing persuasive paper topics before you write is the first step in presenting a top-notch persuasive essay. Choose persuasive writing topics that fascinate you and concentrate on convincing your audience. 

Avoid getting caught up in what your lecturer would want to read. Be imaginative, inventive, and willing to try new things with your topic suggestions. 

Avoid subjects that have already been covered extensively. Pick a topic for your persuasive essay that has yet to be covered by other students in their previous essays for different writing tasks. 

The subsequent steps of writing the essay will be more manageable if you select the ideal persuasive essay topic. Here are four suggestions to assist you in choosing the ideal topic for your persuasive essay.

  • Come up with topic ideas: The goal of subject brainstorming is to provide intriguing ideas to choose a topic for the persuasive essay you were asked to write.

  • Choose a subject that appeals to you: Students frequently choose subjects they believe to be "intelligent" only to discover they have no interest in them. Be imaginative, inventive, and willing to try new things with your topic suggestions.

  • Analyze the body of research already done: Choosing a topic for your persuasive essay with adequate existing research from reliable sources is critical.

  • Be specific: Make sure the subject of your persuasive essay is narrow enough. Focus on a detailed topic to allow you to go into depth about your ideas. The reader may find it challenging to understand the purpose of your persuasive essay if the topic is too broad or obscure.

To focus on a topic, the University of Regina advises asking the following five crucial questions: who, what, where, when, and why should be specified. 

Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

In persuasive writing, you must pick a side and use persuasive language and solid proof to show why you are right. You want to persuade the reader that your argument is correct; thus, choose persuasive paper topics you are passionate about and will enjoy researching and writing about. 

This activity should help you express your ideas adequately and comprehend why providing evidence to support your claims is crucial. Although your professor will probably have explicit instructions for your essay, you may have some flexibility regarding the subjects you can research and discuss in your essay. 

However, a topic does not automatically qualify as an excellent topic for persuasive essays just because you are passionate about it. You must be able to support your position with examples and evidence, and your argument must be concrete. Even though persuasive essays give you more freedom to express your opinions than most other essays, you still need to provide evidence to support them, or your essay will be ineffective. 

With essay ideas, bigger is not always better. While choosing a broad, complicated subject to write about is a good idea, you will find it challenging to sort through all the facts and viewpoints to condense them into a coherent article.

50 Best Persuasive Essay Topics

For students, writing a persuasive essay can be an engaging assignment. The essay allows students to demonstrate their analytical and research skills and organize their ideas. The secret to making writing more exciting is picking the right persuasive paper topic. Here are some excellent suggestions for your persuasive writing topics:

  • Is taking part in community service helping students develop moral principles?
  • Are pupils currently receiving an education prepared for life in the real world?
  • Is there a need for a grading system?
  • Today's educational system is excessively commercialized: Share what you think.
  • Which second languages are worthwhile to learn right now?
  • Do educational apps help?
  • Is it wise to restrict student access to the internet?
  • Whether art education is essential
  • Which is better for students: coeducation or education for one gender?
  • Should school education include education counseling?
  • Should the Student grade Teachers?
  • Are drug tests for middle school students appropriate?
  • Should We Take Standardized Tests Seriously?
  • Discuss the success of UNESCO's "Education For All" initiative.
  • Why is remote learning terrible for a child's physical and mental development?
  • The central pillar for building a stable and forward-thinking society is education.
  • Which nation has the most effective academic grading practices, and why?
  • Is Barack Obama America's first president to make history?
  • What were the Cold War's causes and consequences?
  • Find out how racism and discrimination have developed in America.
  • Was the post-American Civil War rehabilitation of the American South successful or unsuccessful?
  • What part did women play in the French Revolution?
  • Did World War II benefit or hinder colonialism?
  • What changes did the cotton gin's invention bring about in American agriculture?
  • Write about the development of America following World War II.
  • Should President Lincoln have permitted the Southern states to secede from the Union without a fight?
  • Are amusing memes moral?
  • Is it worthwhile to report offensive content on social media?
  • What are some of social media's advantages?
  • Is using social media for business the best option?
  • Can social media platforms alter a person's perspective?
  • Exercise should be the first lesson each day.
  • The start of the school day should be later in the day, and it should go into the evening.
  • A video game room at school is an intelligent concept.
  • Is the tax system working well or not?
  • Is automatic voter registration a good idea?
  • What impact has terrorism had on US and Russian foreign policies?
  • Is it political to go to war?
  • What do you think of the stop-and-frisk strategy used by the police?
  • Should medical marijuana be legalized?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished? 
  • Should the voting age be lowered? 
  • Should gun control laws be tightened? 
  • Should schools require students to wear uniforms?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered? 
  • Should animal testing be banned? 
  • Should plastic straws be banned? 
  • Should cell phones be allowed in school? 
  • Should the use of single-use plastics be reduced or eliminated? 
  • Is climate change a real and immediate threat? 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Politics, education, entertainment, and other subjects are all suitable for middle school students' persuasive essays. Before writing, list your potential ideas for middle school persuasive paper topics. 

The topics for persuasive essay ideas for middle school on this list should be considered. If you are a parent, try to assist your middle schooler with these tasks. These ideas are fascinating and excellent examples of topic ideas for middle school students.

  • To reduce pollution, everyone should limit their car use to four weekly days.
  • Convincing our family to let you redecorate your bedroom
  • Get your friend to agree to help you with your schoolwork by convincing them to.
  • Persuade your teacher to complete the class 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.
  • Persuade your teacher to hold summer classes outside.
  • Convincing your teacher to let your class have a party
  • Persuade your teacher to waive your upcoming month's homework requirements.
  • Do you believe students can use their smartphones whenever they want inside the classroom?
  • Do you believe it is appropriate to expel teenagers from school who harass others online? Please explain. 
  • Persuade your instructor to let you eat your healthiest snack in the classroom.
  • Smoking must be outlawed in public areas.
  • Students must be permitted to dress however they want to attend school.
  • Good grades should be rewarded to students.
  • Instead of teaching students to write with a pen on paper, typing should be conducted.
  • There should be a uniform for teachers. What are your recommendations and the justifications for them?
  • Teachers may not bring their smartphones to class.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

If you are a high school student looking for good persuasive writing topics for research essays, check out this list of interesting persuasive paper topics for research writing below:

  • Does youth sports participation foster character development?
  • Is exercising an excellent way to keep a healthy weight?
  • Should the guidelines for how coaches interact with their players be more stringent?
  • How might playing sports improve learning?
  • Should animal athletics be prohibited?
  • Do athletes have a duty to serve as role models?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Are college athletes worth being paid?
  • Why are some kid sports so competitive?
  • Is playing American football too risky for the players?
  • Is it appropriate to let prisoners cast ballots?
  • Which economic system, capitalism or socialism, is superior?
  • How to stop mass shootings in the future.
  • Is the Electoral College still relevant in today's America?
  • Does the reform of political funding work?
  • Which political decision recently has brought about the most change?
  • The political party with the best ideologies?
  • Should the two Koreas come together?
  • Are all decision-makers, leaders, and politicians equally fair?
  • Should a politician be kind or inhumane?

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

Before getting admission into college, you will be required to write personal essays as part of the admission requirements. After entering college, you may be required to write persuasive essays. In college, you may be given topics to write persuasive essays on. If you need good personal essay topics, here are some good topics for persuasive essays you may consider;

  • How crucial is mental wellness?
  • Is online learning more productive?
  • Good or bad GMO products?
  • Are social media sites harmful?
  • Why is the educational system flawed?
  • Is recycling effective?
  • Is becoming a vegan harmful to the environment?
  • Should feminist foreign policy be adopted?
  • Is marriage a dying institution?
  • Can rallies and protests effect change?
  • Do alternative medications work?
  • Is contemporary marketing unethical?
  • There is no benefit to homework in terms of learning.
  • Higher education should be more affordable.
  • A grade does not show a student's knowledge.
  • A modern teenager's mental growth is impeded by excessive Internet use.
  • Technology should not be a factor in education.
  • Students' critical thinking abilities grow as they write essays.
  • Should the US adopt a universal healthcare system? 
  • Should there be stricter environmental regulations? 
  • Is excessive consumerism harming society? 
  • Are renewable energy sources a viable option for the future?

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