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Not every student is an excellent writer. Still, this skill is invaluable throughout your study process, as you must compose essays, research papers, and other projects to show your comprehension of the studied material. In such cases, you might need external help to assess if you have done the task correctly. 

This leaves you in constant need of an expert essay editing service. Our essay editing service is reliable for submitting only polished, double-checked papers to your professor. 

By working with us, you will improve your GPA and earn a good reputation at college as a diligent student attentive to detail. 

Our commitment to quality and years in the market make the outcome of your order predictable. You will get well-edited papers with no grammatical or syntactic flaws, reducing the risk of grade reduction and giving you a deserved grade for your hard work.

How Essay Editors Polish Your Paper 

You may have questions about who your online essay editor will be. We are happy to share the details of our hiring and ranking processes to show that only top-tier authors and editors get to join our team. Here are the key criteria by which we select editors. 

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in the academic writing industry. 
  • A Ph.D. diploma in the relevant academic discipline. 
  • Expertise in editing work. 
  • Attention to detail and a meticulous, multi-stage editing process. 
  • A native English speaker.

Thus, an editor assigned to your task is always a trusted editing professional with a Ph.D. degree in your academic discipline and a verified track record in the editing sphere. 

As soon as the editor’s resume is screened according to these parameters, they must submit samples of their past editing work to our assessment team for review. 

Next comes the stage of testing and a final interview. At the testing stage, the editors receive a timed essay editing task they must complete online. Once the task is submitted, it is evaluated against our company’s criteria for editing quality.

This is done to verify their editing skills in real time and that they can complete even urgent editing tasks without quality compromises. 

Those who pass this test are invited to the final interview. We value soft skills as much as hard ones. Hence, our seasoned recruiters talk to the candidates to determine if they are punctual, ethical in managing private customer data, and dedicated to the client’s success. Only those who pass the interview are employed to join the editing team. 

Essay Editing Services for Your Needs 

If you are still wondering when you might need an essay editing service, here is a breakdown of when our services can help you. 

  • Too Much Work 

Students often get into a time crunch with numerous assignments and home tasks. As a result of constant studying, your productivity may reduce, and you may miss some obvious typos or logical errors in your essays. This can lead to you receiving low grades and dropping out due to overload. 

Our essay editor service will help you avoid this by reviewing your drafts and completing your writing. You would not need to reserve a couple extra hours for review, as our editors will do the complete job. All you need to do is write the paper, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

  • Social Activities 

College is a time of new acquaintances and thrilling parties. Why should you abandon all social activities for the sake of ongoing studies? Write your essay and send it to us for final review to enjoy a great night out with friends. 

  • Health Issues 

You might have been planning everything well, but a sudden illness can hinder your productivity and leave you with many burning deadlines. Do not fall in despair; we can manage your drafts in hours. 

  • Language barriers 

International students rarely have the natural feel of the English language and cannot edit their essays well. We can help you with this problem by editing your draft to make it sound smooth and natural to the native speaker’s ears. 

Edit Your Essay with SharpEssay 

Whenever you run out of time and need to edit an essay online, SharpEssay is available to offer expert help. Our editors are experienced at scanning your paper and finding all logic and flow problems requiring improvements. 

With our editor’s credentials, our editors approach all orders they receive following the professional essay editing workflow. All you need to do is: 

  • Place an order
  • Submit your written draft and the professor’s prompt. 
  • Pay for the paper. 
  • Wait for the edited file’s submission to your preferred medium of submission.  

Thus, turning to our college essay editing services is always a good idea. You will get the top-tier service you need for better studies, preserving your peace of mind and experiencing no problems with your grades. It is time to start studying smarter, not harder, focusing on every other area of your life.