200+ Informative Essay Topics for 2023

If you are looking for an excellent topic to write an informative essay on, look no further. This list has over 200 topics to choose from!

Informative essays are like every other form of writing. However, they are somewhat different, considering the structure, tone, and research method. Foremost, informative articles educate and inform readers about a topic.

Informative essays are not always academic; they can either explain an object (what you should know about the new Tesla model), a personality (why Lady Gaga dresses the way she does), or an event (five things you may have missed at the President of the United States inaugural ceremony). It could also inform others about futuristic ideas or a phenomenon. 

Like every other essay, you need to understand the fundamentals of the topic you are dealing with. Finding informative essay ideas can be challenging, especially for middle school students. The essays must explain the topic and every step involved in it. You can also discuss your essay requirements with your colleagues or teacher.

Before you write an informative essay, it is essential to narrow the theme of your subject and provide all the sources of information. Ensure that you avoid writing other writers’ content to prevent plagiarism. When creating informative essay topics, ensure they are your original ideas. You can check other websites for ideas; however, make sure it is as authentic as possible. 

Informative Essay Definition 

An informative essay is an article that educates and informs readers on a subject. The information passed can either be for entertainment or educational purposes. Informative essays can be used for several functions. For example, it can be used as an opinion piece, create a comparison or contrast about a particular piece of information, or shed more light on a subject.

A good opinion piece can be written about eradicating discrimination from the corporate world. Informative essays can also be articles focused on how-to. 

Besides, starting your essay becomes easier when you have several good samples. In this article, you will discover various ways to create informative articles in multiple categories. Here are a few topics for informative essays:

  1. How does a kangaroo adapt to climate change?
  2. The best ways to take care of your domestic pets 
  3. The causes and complications of obesity in most under-five children
  4. How do homeless people survive the hardship of recession?
  5. A systematic look at how your cell phones functions 
  6.  How to use the best dating sites to get a lover
  7. The Dos and Don'ts to winning your first raffle draw
  8. The best break-up text you can ever send to your lover
  9. When is the right time to fall in love after your worse breakup? 
  10. The most irrelevant school laws in high school and why they should be abolished 

Types of Informative Essays

You must understand the different informative essays that exist so you can create suitable informative essay topics. First, every kind of informative essay has its purpose, and before you outline your informative essay ideas, you should know the basics that will be discussed below:

  • A descriptive essay describes an event, place, idea, or person. The descriptive essay aims to help the reader visualize the discussed subject.
  • Cause-and-effect essays describe the cause of the idea and provide the event's effects on people, places, or the world. This form of essay is common in academic writing, for example, the progression of climate change and its implication on forestation.
  • Compare and contrast essay presents the differences and similarities between two or more things. This essay requires both thinking and research skills. Compare and contrast essays analyze people, events, or places by their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 
  • Problem-solution essay describes the problem and then presents the solutions to the readers. The idea is to educate and inform the readers about a problem, its effect, potential complications, and the solution. For example, what are the dangers of exposing teenagers to adult-rated movies and dealing with heat waves in your country? Here is how to stay safe. 
  • Expository essays illustrate, explain, and interpret something in simplified methods to readers. It is often the best form of essay for school students and older adults who need information on a subject. 

How to Choose Informative Essay Topics

Choosing topics for informative writing can seem tricky; however, you can scale through when you have an eye for good topics for informative essays. Before you write an informative essay, ensure that you cross-check the information or facts. Start by writing your idea or theme, then write out possible topics that can be created from the ideas. 

When you are done, create your outline. Ensure that your outline is systematic and arranged in the most logical way possible. Here are some simple tips for choosing informative essay topics:

  • Ensure that your topic is specific. Choosing a broad topic might be challenging to comprehend or confuse your readers. For example, writing about puberty in teenage girls is specific compared to puberty stages affecting teenagers. 
  • The primary tone for informative essays is explanatory and sometimes conversational. Explain the subject so the reader can easily understand. 
  • Focus on the process or stages (if any are involved) and emphasize them—for example, the evolution of African-American politics. 
  • Keep your information exciting and inspiring.
  • Ensure that your topic applies to your primary readers. For example, ‘How to babysit your ill stepbrother’ applies to individuals interested in babysitting. 

Finally, remember to fact-check other requirements of your informative essay, especially if it is schoolwork. Ensure that all rules are followed, and all requirements are met!

Informative Essay Topic Ideas 

Before you create informative essay topics, think of the potential of every theme in your mind. Ask questions such as,

  • How relevant is the topic to your primary audience?
  • Even after exploring the idea, are future conversations on the topic possible? 
  • Are there enough research materials on the topic? 
  • Is it new information or a follow-up to existing knowledge? For example, sharing five things an expert said in an interview is new information. While ‘Here is why you should wash your face every morning’ is a follow-up to existing knowledge on makeup routines. 

Afterward, create a list of up-to-date, credible, and suitable materials for your essays. For example, balancing work and life applies to most individuals in this century. Hence, sharing information about how to solve the challenges revolving around work-life balance can be helpful. 

After creating your outline, create the body of the essay. Remember to start the essay with an introduction to the thesis statement. What is the essence of the essay?

Here are some examples of good informative topics:

  1. When is the right time to ask for a pay raise in a new firm?
  2. What is the big deal about feminist agendas?
  3. Living the best life ever - the secret 
  4. How to have a lasting smile
  5. Building a great relationship that will last for decades
  6. How to live like the rich in the most expensive cities 
  7. Owning your first luxury watch 
  8. Getting your own house without a mortgage 
  9. To kiss vs. not kiss on your first date 
  10. Enjoyment is not for everyone - here’s why

50 Best Informative Essay Topics 

If you are looking for good topics for informative essays, here are 50 topics for informative writing. 

  1. The best scholarship for students studying banking and finance 
  2. How to build a career in health informatics 
  3. The future of leadership and how to position yourself as a successful leader 
  4. Why is a Ph.D. program so tricky, and how to navigate it?
  5. Best advice on how to manage academic goals and relationships for students 
  6. The best advice from top professors in medicine 
  7. Is gender equality still a challenge in the United States? 
  8. The best educational fellowship for STEM students 
  9. The best tips to get an internship in a Fortune 500 company as a tech undergraduate 
  10. The downsides of mortgage that nobody is talking about
  11. The pros and cons of starting a relationship with your childhood best friends 
  12. Dealing with homesickness as a fresher in college 
  13. The best career prospects for graduates in the banking and finance industry 
  14. The best website to source remote jobs within your country
  15. Publishing your first articles in a research journal 
  16. The best ways for parents can prepare their children for high school
  17. The role of the credit card specialist in your finance 
  18. The benefits and downsides of practicing an open relationship 
  19. The best ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank
  20. The secret recipe to having a fairytale marriage 
  21. Table arrangement tips for event planners 
  22. Simple home decoration tips
  23. Best games for couples 
  24. Gardening exercises for anyone 
  25. Most expensive flowers you can own 
  26. Apple vs. Samsung evolution 
  27. Write about your favorite internet game 
  28. Training for a marathon race effectively 
  29. The secret to enjoying fishing
  30. The best tips for vlogging your everyday lives 
  31. How have women shaped the future of the workplace? 
  32. Discover the best healthy living tips 
  33. Most adventurous shows for science lovers
  34. Write about your childhood dreams 
  35. Write an essay about your parents 
  36. Why parents should prioritize sex education in their homes 
  37. Saying no to illegal drugs
  38. Living each day like a billionaire
  39. How to explore the finest places in America in 72 hours 
  40. Getting yourself ready for motherhood
  41. Worse lifestyle than you would ever imagine 
  42. The deadliest places in the world and why you might love it 
  43. Sleeping therapy for new moms
  44. Voice coaching technique without spending money 
  45. How to effectively fundraise your capital 
  46. Is go funding an excellent thing for business owners 
  47. Why is Shark Tank a big deal?
  48. To win or lose the Voice.
  49. Choosing your meal on the menu in less than 2 minutes 
  50. Investment scams you should know about

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School 

Generating a list of informative essay topics might be challenging, especially for an assignment. We have created a list of good informative topics for students in middle school.


  1. How to get rid of stalkers in your neighborhood
  2. When is the right time for a 13-year-old to sleep?
  3. Myths about teenage dating that most parents say
  4. Simple tips to laying your bed neatly
  5. The biggest lie about getting puberty and the truth
  6. Preparing your graduation party - what you must never omit
  7. Listening to music while doing chores is always a distraction
  8. How to turn down a prom request without being rude
  9. FAQs about obesity in under-18 teenagers 
  10. The importance of family bonding in every home 
  11. How to build a quality relationship with your workaholic parents 
  12. Understanding the fundamentals of gender equality in the society 
  13. The importance of pet shelters in your home 
  14. How to prepare for your next summer break 
  15. Five things you must never do as an 18-year-old girl
  16. The culture and traditions in most of European (fit anything that fits)
  17. Bonding exercises to engage your pet 
  18. Why does an 11-year-old child need a laptop?
  19. Creating iconic fashion style for yourself 
  20. Fashion ideas from celebrity kids in the world 
  21. Most awkward questions to ask your parents when you are bored 
  22. Why do children fall sick during winter? 
  23. Nitty gritty to owning your first garden in your yard
  24. Best outdoor games to play with your under-5 siblings 
  25. When is the right time to give your best friend a gift in the year? 
  26. The basics of high school fashion 
  27. Wrapping gifts easily 
  28. Describe your imaginary home 
  29. What you must avoid and do during your first sleepover 
  30. Is high school dating a big deal: benefits and downsides?
  31. How has your friendship with your friends changed in the last year?
  32. Write about your worse summer trip
  33. Do you believe in fairytales?
  34. Describe your most iconic superhero
  35. Describe your worst nightmare as a growing child. 

Informative Essay Topics for High School  

Several high school students need help finding good topics for informative essays, so we have prepared a list of essay topics for informative writing. Here are some prominent topics to consider:

  1. Why adult-rated shows are a negative influence on teenagers 
  2. What are the best sports for disabled students?
  3. How can parents help their shy children become outspoken?
  4. Is mental breakdown a common challenge for an average teenager? 
  5. How to talk to your parents about dating as a high school student?
  6. Why every student should attend prom night before leaving high school
  7. The best high school movies that educate you on high school realities 
  8. The realities of high school that nobody talks about it 
  9. Helping your friends with physical disabilities boost their self-confidence 
  10. What are the pros and cons of building your school community on Facebook?
  11. Getting followers on Instagram is a distraction for most students 
  12. The role of camp meetings on the mental well-being of students 
  13. Why is dating online a wrong move for a 16-year-old girl 
  14. Dealing with the challenges of bullying among your peer pressure 
  15. Should high schools in America adopt the use of uniforms? 
  16. Why is high school so stressful? The best solutions to dealing with high school pressures.
  17. The role of a school counselor in shaping your future as a student 
  18. Should a 17-year-old still be getting grounded by his parents? 
  19. How to sneak in and out of the house with my parent's permission.
  20. How bad can high school detention be, and how to avoid it?
  21. Here are five reasons school lunch is a potential factor for obesity
  22. How to make new friends on your first day in a new school
  23. The importance of spending some time with your peers
  24. How to impress your school teachers as a freshman 
  25. The benefit of joining a creative team in high school
  26. Five things you must do before you graduate from high school 
  27. Practical ways to become a teenager influencer on Instagram
  28. Reasons living a double life as a student is not helpful
  29. Helpful tips for living happily with your step parent
  30. The best TV shows for religious teenagers 

Informative Essay Topics for College 

Here are some good informative topics for college students or aspiring students interested in better curating informative essay topics. 

  1. Dealing with bullying in college 
  2. How to say ‘no’ to peer pressure when you are at a party 
  3. Reporting sexual abuse to the school authority: how to go about it 
  4. Solving conflict with your flatmates 
  5. Conflict resolution between students in college 
  6. The best way to deal with procrastination with schoolwork 
  7. The benefit of voluntary work on the future of political science students 
  8. Advantages of publishing academic papers for undergraduate students 
  9. How is being an international student an advantage in first-world countries? 
  10. The role of mental health care for students living with dyslexia
  11. The pros and cons of community management for political science students 
  12. Why is personal branding essential to the growth of every student?
  13. Is distance affecting your relationship? Here is how to deal with it. 
  14. Conflict resolution techniques for cheerleaders 
  15. Here is why studying and traveling might be difficult to combine for most students 
  16. Is politics going to change the course of education in developed countries? 
  17. How to handle school pressures alongside financial pressures. 
  18. How to refuse binge drinking and smoking illegal drugs at a party
  19. How to resist the pressure of trolling your lecturers on social media 
  20. How LinkedIn can change your career and future as a student
  21. Simple yet effective ways to avoid plagiarism in your next paper
  22. The benefits of being multilingual and how it can shape your career 
  23. Why you might need to get a car as a student
  24. The effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy on students living with PTSD
  25. The challenges that college sports person face on campus 
  26. Why social work is becoming challenging for the 21st-century student
  27. Reporting sexual and physical abuse among students to the school authority 
  28. Complications of supporting immoral values on social media 
  29. How social media can be an excellent portfolio for every student 
  30. How most educational fellowships can expand your academic horizon 

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