200+ Research Essay Topics for 2023

If you are trying to find a suitable topic for your research essay, you do not need to look further. This list of research topics will help you get started.

Writing a research paper requires careful planning, research, and analysis. One of the essential steps in the process is gathering resources, such as books, articles, websites, and other materials that can be used as evidence or support for ideas. This step helps ensure that reliable sources back up any claims made in the paper. 

Getting started is often cited as the most challenging aspect of writing, but picking solid research essay topics is an essential first step. There are many potential research paper topics for your essay, but ultimately, it is up to you to select the most suitable one. 

It is essential to consider various factors when selecting a topic, such as your interest in it, how much time you have to research and write, and the availability of resources. Sometimes, the topic will be given to you, but in most cases, you must develop research essay ideas independently.

If you fall into the second category, we have got you covered! We help you find the perfect research paper topic for your advanced academic or professional studies. 

Research Essay Definition

A research paper is a piece of academic writing that examines a single issue and presents the author's analysis, appraisal, or interpretation of the material as empirical evidence. Compared to analytical essays, research papers also need thorough investigation, but they place a greater emphasis on citing the work of others and including complex data and statistics.

Today's scientific community depends on disseminating knowledge via research papers, which form the backbone of scientific progress. In college, however, research papers are commonly used to gauge students' mastery of a topic or general research abilities. Topics for research essays might be chosen by the student or assigned by the lecturer. 

Since research papers are important, they are often formal and bland, removing any hint of prejudice. The results of a research report must be supported by evidence for other researchers to work with them.

It is also essential to distinguish between creating a research proposal and writing a research paper. All research papers begin with a proposal that outlines how to collect the necessary data.

Types of Research Essay 

There are many distinct types of research papers, and knowing which one is expected of you before you work on or pick research essay topics for an assignment is crucial. While there is a wide variety of research essay ideas, these are the most common categories of research papers:

  • Analytical Research Paper

Analytical research papers require the writer to raise a question, gather data from other researchers' studies, and critically evaluate the findings. Your analysis will center on the results and interpretations of previous studies before you offer your conclusion. Writers must maintain objectivity and avoid expressing their personal opinions.

  • Argumentative (Persuasive) Research Paper

This paper presents arguments on both sides of a contentious issue. This section aims to win over the reader and convince them to agree with you. Inclusion and citation of the findings and arguments of scholars on all sides of the topic are essential. However, you should support one side and strive to persuade the reader of your stance. Though passionate, your arguments should be backed up by evidence and reason.

  • Definition Paper

The definition essay only provides descriptive information or logical arguments without expressing the writer's feelings or opinions. This article's sole intent is to inform. A basic example of a definition essay is an essay that gives the reader an in-depth understanding of a particular term by providing a clear and precise definition.

How to Choose Research Essay Topics

Choosing good topics for research essays can be very tricky and challenging. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Pick a topic that piques your curiosity! If you are genuinely interested in your subject.

2. If the topic for your research writing is too broad, you will be overwhelmed with resources and unable to produce quality work. Reading around your topic area might assist you in deciding on a specific focus and narrowing its reach.

3. Read over the assignment's stated requirements for choosing a topic again. If you need help, go to your lecturer for clarity. Review your notes and textbooks if you must brush up on what you have learned about the course and the task.

4. Consider the five W's and H's: who, what, when, where, and why

  • Why did you decide to write about this subject? What specifically about it piques your attention? Can you offer your thoughts on the matter?
  • What organizations or individuals disseminate data on this subject? Which groups of people are influenced by this issue? 
  • To what extent does your topic matter: regionally, nationally, or globally? Is there a particular geography that this issue affects?
  • In what context (s) do you see your topic as most relevant? What period does this matter fall under, if any? Was it helpful to analyze your subject over several time frames?

Research Essay Topic Ideas

Though it may appear to be the easiest step in the research paper writing process, selecting good research topics is crucial because it sets the stage for the rest of the work.

The procedures for writing a research paper are relatively standard. Once you know what type of research essay you want to write and understand the assignment, you can get started immediately.

Writing a research paper follows a similar approach to writing any other paper; however, specific processes are necessary because of the additional requirements of writing research papers.

An important consideration when selecting a topic for a research paper is whether sufficient materials are available. Choose a topic with plenty of information and depth to stimulate in-depth debate.  Stay away from broad subjects and focus on narrower ones; for example, instead of discussing “sports” in general, narrow the topic to “the current state of baseball in the United States.” 

When choosing research essay topics, it is recommended that you choose subjects in which you have some genuine interest. 

50 Best Research Essay Topics

To write an excellent essay, you must have a list of good topics for research essays

The following is a list of potential topics for research writing:

  1. Effective Methods of Interaction.
  2. Is there a generational divide caused by social media?
  3. How do younger generations' lives change because of technology?
  4. The Women's Workplace: The Working Environment
  5. The Contribution of Women to the Growth of the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  6. Should Sports Allow the Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
  7. The myth of global warming?
  8. Will Money Be Wasted on Space Exploration?
  9. Should WhatsApp be allowed to collect our personal information?
  10. Do people rely on the Internet too much?
  11. What makes people believe that the United States of America is the best nation on earth?
  12. Do social media platforms need to add "dislike" buttons?
  13. Low-Income Households' Savings and Gold Investing
  14. Video games' effect on students' academic performance is
  15. How Music Can Help People Who Are Stressed Out and Depressed
  16. How can we lessen the effects of global warming?
  17. Ways to reduce paper usage and protect forest resources.
  18. Is there a "best practice" for designing hurricane-proof buildings?
  19. What side effects does smoking have on the body?
  20. Can overpopulation be managed?
  21. Should there be more movies about ecological problems?
  22. How workable is it to foretell the effects of a hurricane?
  23. Can we use nuclear energy without risk?
  24. Do the elderly always know best?
  25. Are human beings still evolving?
  26. Does technology help widen the gap between the generations?
  27. How and why do male friendships differ from female ones?
  28. What do you think makes the people of your country happy?
  29. For what reasons do certain countries enjoy higher happiness and economic success levels than others?
  30. What is the history behind all terrorist strikes worldwide?
  31. Will a person's level of success in life be influenced by how attractive they are?
  32. Let's talk about the pluses and minuses of plastic surgery.
  33. How to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills.
  34. Will police unions be able to stop corruption?
  35. What can developed nations do to assist less developed countries?
  36. What should happen to those who commit rape and serial killings?
  37. What does the future hold for religion?
  38. What sort of morality exists among cam girls?
  39. What is it like to be transgender in the modern world?
  40. How do we handle a massive influx of immigrants?
  41. Distance learning's effect on students' satisfaction
  42. Effects of ozone layer depletion on health
  43. Are specific solar panels better for the environment than others?
  44. Effect of Climate Change on Natural Disasters
  45. The effect of Deforestation on the global carbon cycle.
  46. What impact does deforestation have on climate change?
  47. COVID-19's effects on the environment
  48. Gender communication and interpersonal relations
  49. Should the jail system be reformed?
  50. The norms of contemporary nonverbal communication


Research Essay Topics for Middle School 

Are you a middle school student looking for good research topics for your assignment? Below is a list of interesting research essay topics for middle school students:

  1. What impact does technology have on the younger generations?
  2. Female Employees' Perceptions of Their Workplace
  3. Have people become overly reliant on the web?
  4. Low-Income Women's Contribution to the Growth of Entrepreneurship, 
  5. Video Games Effect on Students' Academic Success
  6. How music can help ease stress and sadness
  7. Do You Think Doping to Improve Performance Is Acceptable in Sports?
  8. Sending humans into space is a good use of resources.
  9. One can reasonably wonder what it is about the United States that inspires such a widespread belief that it is the best country.
  10. To what extent should we work to protect the world's endangered cultures in this era of globalization?
  11. Should Social Media Platforms Consider Adding Dislike Buttons?
  12. Besides fun, can amusement parks also teach?
  13. Earthquake causes, impacts, and consequences
  14. Poetry types and forms: how does poetry evolve?
  15. What to do if you are threatened or blackmailed on the internet?
  16. Gender roles in children's media and books
  17. Waste recycling solutions that work
  18. Is it always wrong to control the media? Should certain shows be taken off the air?
  19. The morality of human beings. Is it something that exists at the individual level, or does it exist as a collective?
  20. Where there are many cultures, how well do they get along?
  21. How can you know if you have healthy self-esteem?
  22. Does the process through which social hierarchies are established vary from one group to another?
  23. The role of the family in shaping the character of the offspring.
  24. Which planet—Mars or Venus—would you say has better colonization prospects, and why?
  25. Are cryptocurrencies real money?

Research Essay Topics for High School

If you are a high school student looking for a good topic for research essays, check out this list of interesting topics for research writing below:

  1. The Negative Effects of Cyberbullying on a Student's Academic Performance
  2. Causes and Consequences of Technology Adoption
  3. Can Kids Choose to Follow Their Dreams?
  4. Is there a new criminal element on social media?
  5. Impact of Culture and Society on International Business 
  6. Use of Social Media in Business
  7. The Increasing Importance of New Businesses to National Economic Growth
  8. Leadership in the Twenty-First Century The Personal Effects of Student Loans
  9. Importance of Motivation in Raising Academic Performance
  10. Which Is Better, Regular Classroom Instruction or Online Learning?
  11. The Role of New Technologies in Education
  12. Time Management: Juggling Work and School
  13. In-Depth Analysis of the Function of Teachers in Online and Virtual Learning Settings.
  14. Students' Responses to Violent Media
  15. Business ethics as a significant perception tool for reducing school violence
  16. Educating yourself on saving for college is a crucial step toward financial independence, especially for women living in rural areas.
  17. The steps to building positive self-esteem
  18. In what ways does sleep benefit the body?
  19. Do insect repellents work?
  20. Is there a scientific explanation for why dinosaurs became extinct?
  21. The adverse health outcomes associated with tobacco use.
  22. Weighing the pros and cons of fake tanning.
  23. Desert mirages—what exactly are they? How does it influence people?
  24. Simply put, what are penguins? Where do they live, and what do they eat?
  25. The origins of the United States and when they occurred are both intriguing questions.
  26. Who are some influential women today?

Research Essay Topics for College 

Looking for research essay topics for your essay? We have a curated list of good research topics below.

  1. Sustainability in the Environment: Pros and Cons
  2. Global Warming's Effects on Ecosystems; 
  3. Dangers of Gold Mining to Nature and People
  4. Innovative Methods in the Gardening Industry
  5. Environmentalism: The Pros and Cons
  6. The Dangers of Gold Mining to Ecosystems and People's Health
  7. How has marketing evolved over the past few years?
  8. What effect does globalization have on brand promotion?
  9. Studying the past interactions between the United States and North Korea can shed light on their current state.
  10. innovative Methods in the Gardening Industry
  11. Describe the Texas government's labor policies.
  12. What can be done to prevent corporate wrongdoing?
  13. Strategies for expanding your small firm.
  14. How can companies' tax burden be lessened?
  15. Advice that can help women succeed in business.
  16. Should it be legal to pay people to donate organs?
  17. How likely is it that female marketers will outperform their male counterparts?
  18. Compare and contrast the IELTS and TOEFL examinations.
  19. Do pupils perform better academically when separated by sex?
  20. Is sexual education necessary? Why?
  21. How much computer gaming can we tolerate before being addicted?
  22. The American system for selecting and admitting students to colleges.
  23. Financial preparation for higher education.
  24. Explain the differences between the ACT and the SAT.
  25. The Pros of Studying Remotely
  26. The fallout from China's one-child policy.

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