200+ Process Essay Topics for 2023

Process essays give you a structured, step-by-step process to create something new. In this article, you will learn the best ways to write one.

Essay writing involves a series of processes, from creating an outline to constructing the essay's body to writing a conclusion. Just like there are descriptive essays, narrative essays, etc., there is also an essay type called a process essay. The concept of a process essay is to help educate or provide guidelines to readers on any subject. We all ask questions on Google almost daily, regardless of what we are studying or how old we are. And guess what? Most of the pages you see are examples of process essays. 

A process essay is also called a "how-to" paper; it provides instructions about doing something. The purpose of a process essay is to tell an audience how to achieve a goal, which means it can also serve as an analysis or an explanation. For example, how to sell on Amazon.


This article will help you identify a process essay and show you how to choose excellent essay topics for your schoolwork in 2023. We also shared tips on writing process essay topics and using the best process essay ideas. 

Process Essay Definition

What is a process essay? A process essay is a type of writing that explains how to create something. In simple terms, it is an essay that explains a subject step-by-step. Most times, the explanation could break down complex subjects, such as how to write a business proposal or apply for a student loan as a foreigner. However, in some other cases, your topic for the process essay may be an abstract subject, such as how to build self-esteem, make new friends in college, enjoy your marriage, or love your stepchildren.

A process essay is more than a set of instructions. Instead, it presents a solution or chronological step to how something works. 

Anyone can write process essays. The essay aims to help the reader figure out a subject. Almost all activities require a step-by-step process. For example, how to screenshot on a laptop, build a snowball, etc. 

Types of Process Essay 

There are two basic process essays: directional, which is focused on how to do something, and informational, how something works. A directional essay provides practical methods to achieve a particular result. Here are a few examples of directional process essay topics:

  • How to clear your lawn
  • How to cook a perfect pancake 
  • How to sew a ball gown for your six years old daughter
  • How to use Google map when driving 
  • How to apply for an exam
  • How to bake a vanilla cream cake 
  • How to buy a house without being scammed 
  • How to buy a plane ticket online 
  • How to divorce your spouse 
  • How to upload videos on Dropbox


While an informational essay explains or analyzes something for the reader, here are some process essay ideas for you: 

  • How SEO works 
  • A-Z tips to understanding Bitcoin
  • How a car engine works 
  • How the thermostat works 
  • How KFC makes excellent profit every year 
  • How do children think when they are happy?
  • How elderly parents think in home-care institutions 
  • The mechanism behind body massage 
  • How to change your career path 
  • How to propose to your girlfriend

Remember, the aim of a process essay, whether directional or informational, is always to educate the reader. As you will know something new at the end of this article, your process essay should inform the reader and help them understand the theme better.

How to Choose Process Essay Topics

You should research thoroughly when looking for good topics for process essays. Choosing a topic for a process paper can be challenging, and the best place to start is with your passion. What do you love talking about the most? For example, if you are a college student and social work or volunteering is your passion, you may choose a process essay topic focusing on such a subject. 

There are several reasons you should pick a subject you are excited about. Choosing a topic for process writing based on your passion makes you write interesting and fun things for your reader. After finding out what interests you, carry out your research to ensure you understand everything properly before you write:

  • Choose a topic that you understand perfectly. For example, parenting 
  • Find the best theme that suits your readers, parenting teenagers
  • Focus on a specific thing for your essay topic. For example, how to build a great relationship with your teenage girls
  • Ensure that you explain the introduction of your topic properly. This is to enable your readers to flow with your ideas. 
  • Share practical examples where needed. 
  • Share step-by-step solutions or tips to deal with the subject. 
  • Finally, you must know that your topic must apply to your audience, and if you need suggestions on process essay topics, check the rest of the articles. 

Process Essay Topic Ideas

Most essay outlines follow a standard format: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Hence, an exemplary process essay will start by introducing the topic, then break down the process in the essay's body, and conclude with a final note that the readers can easily remember. For example, we have shared several process essays with our readers, and one reason we find it easy to choose the right essay topic is that we understand our readers. 

We are also experts in solving many of the challenges that they have. Therefore, we share this article because we have written several process essay articles and have experience researching good process essay topics. Process essay topics range from different fields and subjects; however, they can be used differently. Check out some examples of process essay topics:

  1. How to start an online business 
  2. The best ways to fix your washing machine without hiring a repairer 
  3. How to hire the best personal assistant 
  4. How to install a browser on Apple Mac
  5. What are the best ways to fix a broken screen? 
  6. How to potty train your toddler 
  7. How to create a compelling LinkedIn profile 
  8. How to set up a Fiverr account 
  9. How to receive money from another country 
  10. A-Z guide to investing in real estate 

50 Best Process Essay Topics

Do you need good topics for process essays? Here are 50 topics for process writing. 

  1. Styling Your hair at home: How could it be done?
  2. How to spend your birthday in a grand style
  3. What is the process of divorce? Step-by-step process.
  4. How to live amidst life's challenges 
  5. How to live with a narcist flatmate despite your grievances 
  6. The best way to invite acquaintances to your party
  7. How to ask your colleague to be your date at an event 
  8. How to plan a surprise proposal 
  9. Simple ways to download videos from the internet 
  10. How to teach your toddlers to stay away from electricity 
  11. The best holiday routine for every family
  12. Picking the best outfit for a date
  13. How to declutter your email address
  14. How to save videos on Facebook
  15. How to set up a Paypal account in 1 hour
  16. Cleaning your lawn in 1 hour - detailed instructions 
  17. Living every day as the best days of your life: Amazing tips you should know
  18. How to detect a spam message is malicious
  19. How to teach your one-year-old child to talk
  20. Practical steps to teach children about sexual abuse
  21. Preparing for a family picnic in 6 simple steps
  22. How to request your parents without getting them angry
  23. Getting your makeup done in 30 minutes - Simple hacks
  24. Best ways to decorate your sitting room
  25. The best methods of content repurposing 
  26. How to lose weight without starving yourself
  27. Practical ways to prepare keto diet without breaking the bank
  28. How to prepare an irresistible pitch deck
  29. How to make your date the most memorable moment for your partner
  30. Dealing with annoying neighbors in 5 ways
  31. Renovating your two-bedroom flat: Detailed instructions
  32. How to achieve a simple, yet elegant face beat with cheap products
  33. Ways to freestyle your old pair of jeans
  34. How to look fashionable with your old clothes
  35. How to achieve your dream in 365days
  36. The most amazing methods to make 1,000,000 million dollars in 30 days
  37. How to always win a bet
  38. How to find your soul mate
  39. The best career transition methods for every young professional 
  40. How to overcome a terrible heartbreak
  41. Taking care of your toddlers during winter: Scientifically proven tips
  42. How to overcome a bad habit 
  43. Steps to pitch a summer tent during vacation
  44. Practical steps to take your first mortgage 
  45. A simple guide to writing a cover letter 
  46. How to sleep soundly every night
  47. How to babysit a baby without losing your mind 
  48. How to find the perfect roommate as a college fresher 
  49. How to be an outstanding football player 
  50. Planning a perfect birthday party - how to stick to your budget and plan. 

Process Essay Topics for Middle School 

Choosing process essay topics for middle school students may be difficult. Therefore, we have created a few lists of good process essay topics for middle school students. 

  1. Keeping a cat as a pet: How to keep them happy?
  2. Choosing the most amazing birthday gift for your parents 
  3. How do you inform your parents about your school challenges? 
  4. How to ask questions come your difficult teachers 
  5. Understanding the difference between art and science courses: How to make the right choices
  6. Simple tips to make pancakes 
  7. How to submit your assignment via email
  8. Dealing with time management: How to manage your time and playtime
  9. Teaching your younger siblings their homework
  10. A step-by-step guide to drawing great diagrams
  11. How to swim for the first time 
  12. How to choose the right outfit for a friend's party
  13. Best ways to memorize your schoolwork
  14. Five ways to learn how to spell correctly 
  15. Great ways to start your day as a student 
  16. Learning principles that should be applied in the classroom
  17. Ways to write a creative story
  18. How to write a narrative essay about your first dinner date 
  19. How to make your parents trust you despite previous grievances 
  20. How to help your parents in the family business 
  21. Building a toy store for your siblings
  22. The most effective strategies to get your parents to buy you a new phone
  23. Simple tips for painting your nails beautifully
  24. Guidelines for redecorating your room
  25. How to get an 'A' on a maths test, despite how complex the subject is
  26. Best ways to avoid getting into trouble in school
  27. How to set up your social media account for the first time
  28. How can you reset your Facebook password?
  29. Best photo editing app for social media
  30. How to use YouTube videos for learning
  31. How to have an exciting holiday despite being in a boring environment
  32. How to design your dream board
  33. How to implement your school counselor's advice
  34. Becoming an 'A' student in school, how to go about it.
  35. The best ways to avoid distractions during the weekend as a student
  36. How to deal with bullies in the school
  37. How to learn something new every day of the year
  38. How to gather likes and beautiful comments on social media
  39. Effective ways to build your self-esteem
  40. Choosing the right friends for you

Process Essay Topics for High School 

Are you a high school student looking for topics for process writing? Here is a list of good process essay topics for high school students. 

  1. How to declutter your room 
  2. How to get your house chores done before your parents return from work 
  3. A simple guide to eating healthy every day 
  4. How to maintain a healthy relationship with long-distance friends 
  5. How to stay fit and active without joining the cheerleading team
  6. A step-by-step way to become popular in high school
  7. The best guideline for choosing your prom outfit 
  8. How to ask a friend on a date
  9. How to finish your assignment in less than 1 hour
  10. How to take care of your pet
  11. How to surprise your favorite teacher
  12. How to apply to your dream college 
  13. Best ways to become a fully funded scholarship students 
  14. How to save for your summer vacation
  15. How to avoid getting into detention in high school
  16. Best ways to boost your GPA in school
  17. How to engage in social activities after school
  18. How to improve your life to a life more deserving 
  19. A simple guide to overcoming peer pressure as a teenager
  20. How to calculate your body mass index. 
  21. A step-by-step guide to losing belly fat in one month 
  22. Four ways to write a persuasive essay
  23. How to make your find year in high school memorable
  24. How to write an extensive article on the dangers of climate change
  25. How to write your bio for a school website
  26. How to write an effective personal statement 
  27. The best ways to deal with fear
  28. How to improve your talent 
  29. How to make the right course choice 
  30. How to build interpersonal skills
  31. Five ways to deal with public speaking anxiety
  32. How to build a powerful influence in high school
  33. The best ways to make new friends
  34. How to celebrate your best friend's birthday 
  35. How to learn a new language in 6 weeks 
  36. How to crowdfund for your social work project
  37. Best volunteering exercises for teenagers 
  38. How to manage friendships as a teenager
  39. How to write a motivational letter
  40. A step-by-step guide to creating a new club in school
  41. How to gain a lot of followers in 30 days 
  42. How to gain extra 5 pounds in 60 days 
  43. How to stop procrastinating 
  44. How to deal with mental tiredness every Monday
  45. How to deal with a tough boss 
  46. What should you do with your Christmas bonus? Simple steps to invest rightly 
  47. How to pass your driver’s test once 
  48. Planning your first summer vacation as a young adult
  49. How to approach your science assignment differently
  50. How to start a music band in high school

Process Essay Topics for College

If you are looking for process essay topics for your school work, here are 50 good process essay topics for college students. 

  1. Best ways to avoid plagiarism in your thesis paper
  2. How to pay off your student loan
  3. How to make an income as a fresh student
  4. The five most effective ways to start a speech
  5. How to prevent cyberbullying.
  6. How to be an ‘A’ student in a virtual learning environment 
  7. A simple guide to multitasking as a college student 
  8. How to get into school politics 
  9. Guides to building your first business in college 
  10. How to transition into a new career 
  11. A step-by-step guide to getting an internship placement 
  12. How to deal with social anxiety 
  13. Best ways to deal with test anxiety 
  14. A step-by-step guide to building self-confidence 
  15. How to get a fully funded Master’s degree 
  16. How to write an exceptional essay assignment 
  17. Seven ways to effectively manage your time 
  18. How to start a social community on campus 
  19. How to grow your vegetables 
  20. How to save money for graduate education 
  21. How to become financially free before 40
  22. How to become a highly sought-after professional in your career
  23. How to choose the appropriate outfit for your presentation 
  24. How to arrange your room on a budget 
  25. How to meditate for self-improvement 
  26. Best fitness activities to boost productivity 
  27. How to prepare for your professional exam in a few days 
  28. How to get an A+ throughout the year 
  29. How to write an acknowledgment for your dissertation paper 
  30. Guide to writing an AMA format 
  31. A step-by-step guide to referring to your thesis paper
  32. A guide to effective communication 
  33. Simple tips to prepare a backpack for a summer trip 
  34. How to save for summer vacation 
  35. How to start a selling business on the internet with no capital 
  36. Best ways to motivate yourself at the beginning of the semester
  37. How to plan your finances at the beginning of the semester 
  38. How to apply for a car loan 
  39. How to pay off your student loan without losing your finances 
  40. How to take good notes of short and complex lectures
  41. The best ways to relocate 
  42. How to start a virtual assistance business 
  43. Learning the English language for Dummies 
  44. How to teach your elderly parents about the internet 
  45. Practical ways to massage your pregnant wife 
  46. How to defer your admission into the University 
  47. How to be the best employee of the year at your workplace 
  48. How to improve your communication skills 
  49. Guidelines to build your first website 
  50. Business registration tips for first-time business owners 

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