200+ Narrative Essay Topics For 2023

This article’s primary goal is to offer information and advice on choosing unique narrative essay topics that will draw readers in and keep them interested.

The narrative essay is a crucial genre that enables writers to convey their ideas to the audience. The foundation of a narrative essay must be something the reader or students can relate to. The writer must be able to present all the narrative essay topics as a story. Although the topics for narrative essays may not always be realistic, they must be compelling.

The audience must be able to visualize the writer’s personal narrative ideas while reading a narrative essay for it to be effective. It must be a piece of writing that conveys the author’s thoughts, knowledge, interest, and experiences. A narrative essay does not take much time to write; it needs the writer’s ability to convey all the essay’s concepts as an intriguing tale that will pique readers’ interest immediately.

Narrative Essay Definition

A narrative essay is an essay that tells a story to present the writer's thoughts, experiences, knowledge, ideas, and facts. A narrative essay is written clearly so the reader can understand what the writer is trying to convey. The narrative essays express the author's analyses, facts, and opinions about a specific experience, occurrence, or event that the author may have encountered or is fully aware of.

A narrative essay is a type of writing in which the writer tells a story from their own perspective. The story can be real or imagined and usually focuses on a specific event or situation. Topics for narrative essays should entertain, inform, or persuade. It lets you be personal, expressive, and creative with characters, occurrences, and dialogue.

In a narrative essay, the writer uses a story to connect all the concepts they are trying to convey to their audience. Essays on narratives can be realistic or not. The words that describe one’s experience are combined to produce the narrative concepts.


When a writer creates a personal narrative topic, they must make sure the ideas for the essay take the form of an exciting story. The narrative essay must be engaging for the audience to read. The narrative essay comes in a variety of forms.

  • Descriptive narrative essay
  • Historical narrative essay
  • Argumentative narrative essay

A narrative essay must include the full details of an experience or ideas the writer is trying to communicate. The writer must be able to carry the audience along right from the beginning of the stories. To keep the reader on track, the writer must provide background information about each character before introducing them in the essay.

The two primary categories of narrative essays are;

  • Fictional Narrative Essay
  • Non-Fictional Narrative Essay


These insights, ideas, thoughts, and pieces of knowledge are fictional narrative essay ideas that are partially or fully the product of the writer's imagination. This personal narrative essay idea is based more on the author’s point of view or style of thinking than on actual experiences or facts. 

Because it allows people to glimpse the possibilities of what could happen, readers adore this kind of fiction, even though it does not appear regularly. In this essay, the author describes what is happening in their immediate surroundings.


Non-fictional narrative essays can be defined as those that are entirely based on the experience or knowledge of the author. This kind of writing informs the reader of real-time experiences and happenings. Non-fictional narrative essays present all the details of a personal event.

How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics

An interesting thing about picking a topic for narrative writing is that a writer must be able to transmit the information, ideas, and emotion of the event they experience to write an outstanding narrative essay. Choosing a good topic for a narrative essay is necessary to compose an exceptional essay.

Pick an extraordinary incident and describe it in the style of a story. You can choose a real-life or non-factual occurrence and describe it as a captivating tale to help your reader understand the essay’s details better. Most of your audience likes reading stories, which will encourage them to read your content.

Below are tips to help you write a brilliant narrative essay that will earn you the desired recognition and grades. 

  • Introduction to the characters you use in the story: Before a writer uses a character in an essay, that character must be introduced appropriately. The readers become disoriented when a character is not introduced properly, which also causes the audience to lose interest in the plot. 

  • Provide complete descriptions of each topic for narrative writing ideas. The writer must be able to give all the details of the incidents or events they are trying to communicate as a story. If comprehensive information on the character is employed, the reader will be motivated to read the essay through to the end.

  • Request reader feedback or ideas; doing so will make readers glad that you are interested in their thoughts. Consider the feedback from your readers when revising your narrative essay. Doing this lets you determine what your readers want and do not want. This strategy will improve your readership since it gives readers a sense of importance by soliciting their thoughts and ideas.

  • You must know your reader’s interests and the kinds of essays they enjoy reading. Similarly, as a writer, you must be mindful of the stories and plots that appeal to your readership. Feedback from your reader is crucial because of this.

  • Using the correct vocabulary: The writer needs to pay attention to the language used when communicating the concepts of a good topic for a narrative essay. The reader will become disinterested in the essay if the vocabulary is excessively repetitive or improper.

Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Life is a journey full of emotions such as regret, sadness, despair, happiness, and excitement. Many people have had their share of a few or all of these emotions. Some of the personal narrative ideas are based on experiences that have been gathered during the time of the events or situations. 

Some experiences are incredible, while others are terrifying. Depending on the occasion, you feel either pleased or horrified. These experiences help us learn about life and develop as individuals.

To produce a great narrative essay, you must focus on your immediate environment and audience. Before choosing a narrative essay topic, you must be familiar with how you can present your experience, feelings, expressions, and any other information your audience needs to know in an orderly manner. 

If you want to write a fictional narrative essay, the writer must attempt to collect enough thoughts from personal experiences or historical events. The chosen narrative essay themes must be well investigated and researched before writing begins. A fictional narrative essay is not based on a true story, so to write a flawless narrative essay, the writer must be able to connect with the topic.

50 Best Narrative Essay Topics

You can select personal narrative topics by considering experience, facts, concepts, or knowledge already familiar to you. Many fascinating narrative essay topics convey thoughts about a particular item, historical details, a personal point of view, and how people react to incidents.

Here is a list of some personal narrative essay ideas you can bank on;

  • The most inspirational song I have ever listened to.
  • My feelings when I won the prize for the most outstanding student of the year.
  • My first day in a hospital
  • Reasons I am not bold enough to talk to a crowd
  • My first time I represent my school in a competition
  • Baking the first cake in my life.
  • My first day at university.
  • The most tragic event that occurs in my life
  • My first experience with arm robbers
  • The day I was kidnapped
  • Why is my country still an underdeveloped country?
  • The day my father gave me the beating of my life
  • Why I detest cats as a pet
  • The best country I ever went to
  • My first day on an airplane
  • The habit I will never stop doing
  • How I felt in my first relationship
  • My first Album
  • The source of unemployment in the west.
  • Spare the rod and spoil the child
  • The funniest day in my life
  • My first successful operation as a Medical Doctor
  • My favorite novel
  • Reasons I love to be a Network Marketer
  • The first carnival in my city
  • My first day at college 
  • A difficult choice I had to make 
  • Describing a memorable trip I took with my family  
  • An experience that taught me an important lesson 
  • The moment I realized the importance of friendship 
  • How music changed my life 
  • A challenging experience I faced in my childhood 
  • An event that marked a turning point in my life 
  • What it means to be an American 
  • My first job and how it changed me 
  • Standing up for what I believe in 
  • How I overcame a fear 
  • Describing the perfect day 
  • The most embarrassing moment of my life 
  • How I found inner peace 
  • The day I met my hero 
  • A time when I challenged a belief  
  • How meeting someone special changed my life 
  • A moment that taught me the importance of giving back 
  • How serving others has shaped who I am 
  • Exploring the world through literature 
  • What I learned from failure 
  • A moment when I realized the importance of hard work 
  • The day I decided to pursue my dreams 
  • How generosity has impacted my life 

Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

There are good topics for narrative essays that a kid in middle school can relate to and elaborate on.

  • My favorite teacher
  • How I spent my holiday
  • My favorite teacher
  • Why I love chocolate
  • Why I want to become an engineer
  • My best game
  • My amazing family
  • My best footwear
  • My favorite movie
  • The structure of my school
  • My favorite color
  • How can I become a singer?
  • My best hobby
  • The road to my village
  • My best food
  • My charity volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • The friendship that changed my life
  • When I stood for what I believed in
  • My growth journey
  • How I learned to ride a bike
  • A trip to a zoo
  • My family reunion

The most important thing is that the students showcase their writing skills by bringing up topics that are interesting and meaningful to them, and that it encourages more topics for narrative writing.

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

A narrative essay topic focuses on a series of events and situations to tell a complete story. Here is a list of personal narrative ideas and fictional topics.

  • My last moment on the plane
  • The side effect of global warming
  • My favorite festival
  • The largest river in my country
  • The most reliable computer gadget
  • How I felt my first time entering the laboratory
  • The side effect of overgrazing on farmland
  • My favorite hip-hop star
  • The appeal I love to wear
  • A green snake under a green grass
  • The way you lay your bed
  • Difference forces in my country
  • My freshman year
  • My graduation speech
  • My Treasure Box
  • The life of an average family
  • The impact of the press on the society
  • Trip to the mountain
  • My Halloween costume
  • The only farmer that rears pigs
  • My One day as a president
  • How to prepare for a long trip

Writing an essay allows you to share your personal experience as a student. Your story or experience can influence you.

Narrative Essay Topics for College

Your writing can come from personal experience and go down the personal narrative essay idea road. Creativity must be in place to interest and make your audience hungry for more content from you.

  • My encounter with the minister for education
  • My first project as a college student
  • How I felt when the truth prevails
  • The prize I receive for honesty
  • The man that invents electricity
  • My emotions in choosing a school of my choice
  • The first man to land on the moon
  • The first day I went to court
  • The type of country I would love to stay
  • Effect of chemical industries in Africa
  • The life of a judge
  • The battle for the crown
  • My first concert experience
  • How I overcome my fear of public speaking
  • The impact of experimental equipment in our laboratory
  • My first day in college
  • The impact of COVID-19 on my college experience
  • My experience with online classes
  • The challenge of balancing work and school
  • My experience with my roommate
  • The impact of diversity in my college
  • The effect of my study abroad program
  • The effect of mental health illness
  • My campus job experience
  • College networking opportunities
  • The college counseling center encountered
  • My uncle's internship program at my school
  • My first vacation
  • The most beautiful place in the world

They say value is at its peak when your readers are hooked not just by the topics but also by how they are presented. Most people like an entertaining story with personal narrative topics in mind. You give them room to perfect theirs.

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