200+ Expository Essay Topics for 2023

Looking for a good expository essay topic? Check out this list of over 200 great options that will help you write an amazing paper.

An expository essay requires a thorough understanding of the topic. Expository essays can analyze current events, highlight critical societal issues, explain complex topics, or even investigate historical figures.  They seek to find the cause and effect of various vital elements. 

An expository essay is used for class evaluation and is applied in several exam formats. To write an outstanding expository essay, approach the expository essay topics like a debate topic to improve your points. 

Seeking expository essay ideas from various sources can help you approach it well when writing one at any level of education. Your expository essay must be logical and complete, leaving no doubt in the minds of your readers. 

You will write an expository essay in high school, college, or middle school. Each level of education has varying expository essay topics that are popular among them, with different types of evidence required to help present a detailed essay. 

This article covers over 200 expository essay topics that could be the ones you get to work on as you get through different education levels. 

Expository Essay Definition

Different genres of essays are written for different reasons and are differentiated by their required details and manner of presentation. The expository essay is a genre that involves the investigation of an idea, evaluating the obtained evidence, and expounding the concept before an argument is presented. 

Students are expected to compare the cause and effect of the topics, provide a comprehensive definition, and provide examples to support an excellent expository essay.

An expository essay does not set out to prove a point with its topic; instead, it seeks to give a balanced outlook on the chosen topic. Most students are given topics for expository essays to get their understanding of the topic and their composition skills tested. It differs from argumentative essays, even though research and arguments are also included. 

Topics for expository essays are given to students in colleges or universities as exam questions and course or in-class assignments. You may not be told that your essay is expository, but keywords like "explain" or "explore" indicate that your essay is expository. This is because an expository essay intends to describe or explain something. 

Types of Expository Essays

As with other types of essays, expository essays come in various forms that depend on their goals.

Below are the most popular types of expository essays:

  • PROCESS OR "HOW-TO" ESSAY: This expository essay aims to explain carrying out or making a thing. The essay includes detailed ways or steps by which the reader can successfully carry out the intended task. Topics with these expository essay ideas include cooking, baking, experimenting, or repairing processes. 
  • DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY: These are expository essay topics that describe an experience, a concept, or a place through relatable facts. They involve topics that appeal to the reader's senses and may include relationships, freedom, or lifestyle ideas. 
  • CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAY: This essay aims to determine if one factor causes another. This would require providing evidence that depicts the cause-effect relationship between both factors. 
  • PROBLEM-SOLUTION ESSAY: This includes expository essay ideas that present a problem and provide workable solutions. The essay may provide one or more solutions to the situation in view. 

How to Choose Expository Essay Topics?

Because of the uniqueness of the topics considered in providing expository knowledge to readers, writing expository essays can take a lot of work. While it is possible to have topics for expository writing assigned to you by your teacher, there can be instances where you may choose your essay topic.


This may appear more straightforward because you can decide what you cover, but it could also be challenging without the right guide. It may take you more resources to provide your teacher with the content or word count they request for specific topics.

As a result, understanding the concept of "active reading" and what it involves can be beneficial in helping you effectively dig into the material.

Here are some tips for choosing good topics for expository essays: 

  1. Choose a topic you already know about; writing on an entirely new subject can be challenging, and research can be tasking. 
  2. The topics that interest you should have enough content and research materials available. This helps you to communicate the necessary information to your readers fully. 
  3. Various topics are better for different levels of education. Your chosen topic for expository writing must correspond with your current academic level. 
  4. Good topics for expository essays must apply to the subject from which the essay was assigned. Use relevant topics. 

Expository Essay Topic Ideas

When you are assigned an expository essay, you may have various expository essay topics that appear fascinating and innovative. The goal of good expository topics is to enlighten the reader, which comes from the information you provide. 

A good expository topic should be interesting and fact-based, so focus on presenting the facts in an organized way. Make sure to provide all of the necessary information so that the reader can form their own conclusion or opinion. You should also consider using visuals to help explain concepts and break up long pieces of text.

Accurate information in your exposure essay helps to support the credibility level of your essay. An expository essay must provide the reader with all the required details without overstating any points. 

The only thing that should be considered a fact is the truth, and all contents should be expressed clearly, not just to impress your reader. It would be devastating if the reader misinterpreted or misunderstood your points. 

To guarantee that the reader understands you, use language that is easy to understand and avoid jargon or technical terms. When in doubt, clarify your words further by providing an example or explanation. Furthermore, facts should be supported with evidence to help make your point more persuasive. Doing this adds depth and credibility to your writing. 

50 Best Expository Essay Topics

Some essays require that you source the topics for expository writing.  Here are a few good topics for expository essays. 

  • Can Bibliophobia be considered a mental disorder?
  • What are the effects of newspaper invention?
  • How are the left and right sides of the brain different?
  • Explain the stages of personality development. 
  • Describe the importance of US technology development.
  • Differences between psychology and psychiatry.
  • The progress of communication is because of technology.
  • What are the ways humans search for extraterrestrial life?
  • Are people with heroic personalities mentally healthy?
  • The Great Depression period in the United States of America? 
  • Why the increase in allergic conditions?
  • Explain the precursors of The Civil War
  • Examine the effects of Queen Victoria's reign
  • Why is Solar Energy a better option?
  • Role of astronomy played in ancient Greece.
  • Examine the dangers of military activities in Eastern Asia
  • Is it possible to treat mental disorders by yourself?
  • The latest developments to cure cancer 
  • Factors that increase depression 
  • Describe the long-term effects of global warming 
  • Difference between being fat and overweight 
  • Why do people choose to commit suicide?
  • Examine the significance of self-care
  • Causes of Global warming 
  • What is the cost of living on the moon?
  • Why Do Children lie? 
  • How to be a musician
  • How is being hungry the same as being lonely?
  • Describe gender inequality at work
  • Examine the factors for the increase in teenage pregnancy 
  • Why is Tolerance at work essential?
  • Talking to mentally exhausted people 
  • The Cons of dropping out of college 
  • Double Standards and what they mean to you 
  • Hobbies Teenagers should avoid 
  • Why is teaching noble?
  • Importance of learning foreign languages 
  • Benefits of being literate 
  • Online or traditional schooling 
  • Impact of education on people's mind 
  • Why do we need homework?
  • Describe living with a pet 
  • What does life mean to you?
  • Why is communism embraced?
  • Relationship between a higher degree and getting a job
  • Favorite vacation place 
  • First work experience 
  • Favorite school subject 
  • Effects of Music 
  • How to launch an album

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is an excellent starting point for developing expository essay writing skills. There are a few expository essay topics that are best for middle school students. 

Good expository topics for middle school include:

  • Should Video Games be in the school curriculum?
  • Describe the experience of finding a package underneath your bed 
  • How to prepare for a visit from your best friends 
  • How do you wash your hair?
  • Describe how to style your hair in the morning 
  • What is school to you?
  • Why do people prefer cats to dogs?
  • Why do people sleep better during rainy nights?
  • Describe your favorite storybook 
  • Compare owning a dog or a cat as a pet. 
  • How to report the abuse of animals 
  • Are people in rural areas poorer than those in urban areas?
  • Why do some students stop schooling?
  • How to prepare a sandwich 
  • Are students interested in the news?
  • How to beautify your school 
  • Who is your idol? 
  • Explain ways to make the country better 
  • Describe your experience of missing school because of snow
  • How did you find your missing hairbrush?
  • Compare and contrast your two best movie characters 
  • Describe the causes of bullying 
  • Discuss the effects of poverty 
  • Discuss your first experience in a new school 
  • How Covid-19 affected schools
  • What are the qualities of an excellent teacher?
  • What does "true love" mean?
  • Why is a balanced diet important?
  • Why is getting poor grades in school bad
  • Describe your hobbies 
  • Why do you love your favorite teacher?
  • Describe living with a sibling 
  • Why should we go to school?
  • Describe how to do nice things for others 
  • Explain why too many sweets are bad 
  • What is your position in the family, and how does it feel?
  • What animal would you love to be and why?
  • Describe your experience of working with a team. Did you enjoy it?
  • The likely consequences of skipping school 
  • Laughing during embarrassing moments, does it negatively affect the subject?
  • Describe some things you would love to change about the world. 

Expository Essay Topics for High School

There are good topics for expository essays that fit your writing needs in high school. Topics for expository writing in high school require more research than those in middle school. These are exciting topics that will test your knowledge and creativity. 

Below are some in high school:

  • The exciting idea of having superhuman powers 
  • Why is art a way to express more profound thoughts?
  • How are role models selected?
  • How bullies select their victims 
  • Exciting ways to do your homework 
  • How can lost friendships be rebuilt 
  • Common mistakes people make while dating 
  • How to solve the problem of teenage pregnancy 
  • How is electronic music produced?
  • Causes and Effects of climate change 
  • How fast food has affected human health over the years 
  • Does movie violence affect kids?
  • Primary factors that caused the World War II 
  • Effects of the social media frenzy on a teenager
  • The distinguishing feature of the iPhone and Android 
  • The contrasting relationship between monarchy and democracy 
  • Describe your happiest memory
  • How do you feel about a particular work of art you own?
  • Who inspires you the most and why?
  • What is the most important thing to you?
  • Explain why history is important to students
  • What are the things that make a healthy lifestyle for a teenager?
  • Explore what financial responsibility is about. 
  • What makes an outstanding leader?
  • Examine how the internet changed the world. 
  • Mental health and Physical health: Why are both necessary to humans? 
  • Explain why your favorite book character should be the next president
  • How do you celebrate your favorite holiday?
  • Why is family important, and what is the role of the family in our lives?
  • Why are teenagers drawn to drugs and alcohol? 
  • Did chivalry begin with the knights of the Middle Ages?
  • Explain how Maslow's hierarchy of needs is relevant in the modern world. 
  • Explore imperialism and old-time colonialism
  • Why are parents more strict with teenagers? 

Expository Essay Topics for College

College students get to write expository essays as college papers, making it essential to choose good expository topics that let you easily express your point. You cannot settle for a random topic if your instructor did not assign one; a good topic gives you a good essay. 

Save time spent on exploring topics and get the best expository essay topics for college students below: 

  • How to save the planet 
  • Describe ways to deal with financial problems 
  • The internet: positive and negative effects 
  • How has communication advanced over the past two decades?
  • When dealing with emotions, is expressing them more helpful?
  • First work experience and skills gained from it 
  • How does music influence your life? 
  • How does literary work affect the cultural heritage of this generation?
  • Consequences of The World War II on The United States 
  • Explore the political activity of John F. Kennedy. 
  • Which Age group has the highest suicide cases, and what are the triggering factors? 
  • What are the leading causes of divorce?
  • The importance and effects of artificial intelligence in our world today. 
  • Does playing video games add other values to youths aside from fun?
  • Ways to reduce the influence of social media on our everyday lives 
  • How to figure out that someone is lying
  • Qualities that make you popular in college
  • Effects of terrorism in modern times 
  • Importance of diversity in the workplace 
  • Describe how celebrities who smoke influence young people 
  • Do celebrities influence teenage fashion choices?
  • Consequences of online bullying 
  • The negative impact of Covid-19 on businesses 
  • What would it be like to use a pass-or-fail system in school? The pros and cons. 
  • Why athletics should be made mandatory in school 
  • Is bullying a necessary social activity in a school environment?
  • Is the studying of history necessary in modern times?
  • Abolishing capital punishment and its social impacts 
  • Why is having a safe working environment improving?
  • The impact of working and studying as a college student. 
  • The impact of medical Marijuana on severe health cases. 
  • Why do people forget things? 
  • The difference between being educated and smart 

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