200+ Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for 2023

If you are looking for a good topic to write your next argumentative essay on, look no further. These controversial topics will get the conversation started.

When assigned to write an argumentative paper, most students research controversial issues on which to base their thesis. It is a smart choice: if you can come up with a prominent topic, you will have a much better shot at earning a passing mark. However, settling on a path forward can be challenging despite this knowledge. 

Topics for a controversial essay could be personal essay ideas or controversial issues your audience can relate to. These issues could be,

  • Ethical conflicts, 
  • Going against traditional values (for example, LGBTQ rights and gender roles), 
  • Tackling societal taboos, 
  • Concentrating on sensitive or distressing issues/collective memories, 
  • The occurrence of divided social groupings with opposing viewpoints.

These are often the root causes of controversial argumentative essay topics.

Writing a good number of essays similar to these will benefit you in the long run since it will teach you what it takes to take part in conversations and defend your stance. 

It is challenging to settle on a topic for conversation since there are so many potential directions. Still, only some of those directions will appeal to you, and even fewer will be within your area of competence, so you can have an informed discussion about them. This article will walk you through narrowing down your alternatives and deciding on a single topic if you need help with either of those tasks.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Definition

An argumentative essay is an academic piece that aims to persuade the reader to accept the author's point of view. The complexity of an argumentative essay can range from a basic comparison, such as "home-cooked food is better than fast food," to a more involved argument, such as "the argument for morality over religion." 

Writing an argumentative essay, no matter the subject, requires extensive research with supporting evidence. You take a controversial topic, express your opinion, and then back it up with facts and evidence.

An excellent topic for a controversial argumentative essay is one you and your audience can get excited about. The more controversial and emotionally charged the issue, the more attention it will receive, and the more strongly people will feel compelled to take a position. People will read your work with a fresh appreciation for your ability to argue persuasively on controversial themes.

Types of Controversial Argumentative Essay 

Argumentative essays give both sides of a concept or subject and argue for one. Different argumentative essays communicate information differently, but all should discuss all sides.

Many controversial argumentative essay ideas exist; however, they all fall into four categories. An argumentative essay can be persuasive, research-based, analysis-based, or personal.

  • Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays argue and strive to convince the reader of one viewpoint. Argumentative essays should begin with the author's position and use evidence to support it. The writer should refute opposing viewpoints to convince the reader of his position. 

  • Research Papers

Argumentative research papers use a lot of outside sources. Although many resources are available on controversial argumentative essay topics, finding reliable and up-to-date information requires time and effort. Authors should mention as many sources for opposing views as for the main argument.

  • Analysis Essays

Argumentative analysis essays examine other arguments and analyze another author's reasoning. The analysis includes persuasiveness, evidence, writing clarity, presentation, and style. In this argumentative analysis essay, the author must argue the article's quality and persuasiveness.

  • Personal essays

Personal argumentative essays can argue without research. In this essay style, the author must persuade with personal opinion and taste. This form of argumentative essay requires persuasion and subjectivity. All sides should be considered in proving the author's thesis to the reader.

How to Choose Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

What is the best way to create an excellent topic for my controversial argumentative writings? The most controversial debates often center on deeply personal issues. They must get under your skin, strike a chord with the listener, prompt you to move forward, stir your feelings, and inspire your thoughts. It must capture your interest and hold it. The core problem must be significant and pressing.

A solid argument, a well-developed thesis, and extensive research are the three pillars of a successful argumentative essay.

  • Thesis

A concise statement, or a thesis, is closely related to making a compelling argument. Your thesis statement should briefly explain your entire argument. Your argument needs to be well-supported by evidence and sound reasoning. Every piece of evidence and piece of speculation in your essay must point back to this one central claim.

  • Research

An argumentative essay's credibility increases when it is supported by substantial evidence. Use your argument to find supporting evidence in credible sources such as scholarly articles, studies, and newspapers before settling on a thesis statement.

If, after extensive study, you still lack sufficient evidence to support your topic or argument, you may look elsewhere for inspiration.

  • Solid Argument

Writing an essay that successfully convinces the reader requires the development of a persuasive argument. Find a subject you find intriguing and build your case around that. Your argument must be adequately thought out and researched to persuade your reader. There needs to be a central argument and multiple supporting details.

There are dozens of sources online these days that you can get ideas from, and this article is one of those sources. Finding good topics for controversial argumentative essays takes work, but it is easier than you think.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Unless it is assigned beforehand, choosing good controversial argumentative essay topics is one of the most challenging parts of writing an essay. Students often feel compelled to write on subjects they are enthusiastic about or have a genuine interest in. 

It is important to note that there is no single, definitive method for selecting the most fruitful topic for a paper. However, there are methods for narrowing down the possible topics. 

Since different essays require different points of discussion and sentence structures, you must know what essay you will write before deciding on the point of discussion.

It is important to remember that writing about controversial issues differs from the norm. Speaking, rather than writing, is the focal point. Therefore, you will need to approach preparation and execution slightly differently. Making a rough outline would be impressive. Digging into the issue is necessary to prevail in the conversation. You must work on a list of reasons people should agree with you. You should know the possible rebuttals to your case.

Mapping out a straightforward plan for any controversial subject is crucial. It makes no difference whether your task is written or oral. A solid outline gives you a bird's-eye view of the case and allows you to construct a well-organized story. To get the most out of your essay with minimal work, follow the outline, and you will find developing controversial argumentative essay topics easier.

50 Best Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

To write an excellent essay, you must have a list of good topics for controversial argumentative essays

The following is a list of potential topics for controversial argumentative writing:

  1. Do racial undertones contribute to police brutality?
  2. Should we enforce recycling?
  3. Is there any benefit to having rivals?
  4. With employment, is blogging a viable option?
  5. Do you think people will ever be able to survive without the Internet?
  6. Should everyone give back to their communities?
  7. Does the media intrude into the personal lives of celebrities?
  8. Should it be acceptable to use animals in experiments?
  9. Should contraception and other forms of family planning be made available to all women?
  10. Is there fairness in our tax system?
  11. Vaping is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.
  12. Is consumerism a major threat to international stability?
  13. Do social media sites invade our personal space?
  14. Should everyone get vaccinated?
  15. Do big corporations regulate our food intake?
  16. Is the way we teach appropriate for the modern world?
  17. When, if ever, is it okay to execute someone?
  18. Does human activity play a role in causing global warming?
  19. Should fathers be entitled to paternity leave?
  20. Do you think our tax system is fair?
  21. In practice, animal protection laws are useless.
  22. Our minds are harmed by watching TV shows.
  23. Electronics are not appropriate for children.
  24. Democracy vs. totalitarianism: a contrast and comparison.
  25. Young people are not adequately prepared for their futures by the educational system.
  26. Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by educators.
  27. Is there a gender gap in productivity at work?
  28. As the world moves toward complete digitization, humanity suffers.
  29. Can your vote make a difference?
  30. Those who are fixated on extreme sports likely have some mental illness.
  31. Studying abroad: what you need to know.
  32. Spending money on lottery tickets is a complete waste of time and effort.
  33. Self-care is preferable to medical professional attention.
  34. Evidence shows that consuming large amounts of water can lead to weight gain.
  35. In a healthy relationship, age disparity makes no difference.
  36. Should birthplace be used to determine citizenship?
  37. Must there be movies about the end of the world?
  38. Competitions based on physical attractiveness are degrading and should be outlawed.
  39. Will we eventually do away with paper currency?
  40. Young adults need access to individual online counselors.
  41. Gender equality will never be achieved. 
  42.  Animal Consumption Ought to be banned as a Human Right
  43. Those who take precautions to preserve the planet's natural resources should be financially rewarded for their efforts.
  44. Those businesses that violate environmental regulations ought to be shut down.
  45. Until this problem is fixed, the air quality in major cities will remain unacceptable.
  46. The Current Form of Alternative Fuels Does Not Work
  47. Everyone should be required to make recycling a regular habit.
  48. Deserts need to be converted into green areas by all means necessary.
  49. Under the current circumstances, it is unrealistic to expect pollution prevention efforts to be successful.
  50. Do you think kids should read books that are right for their age, or is it OK for them to read books for adults?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school students are encouraged to participate in the discussion to gain experience writing at the high school level. Controversial argumentative essay topics for middle school students typically center on issues like the justness of school rules and the acceptance of alternative curricula.

Lists of good controversial argumentative essay topics for middle school students: 

  1. Must Students Adhere to Dress Policies at School?
  2. Do You Think Teachers Should Give Less Homework?
  3. What Is the Point of Taking Music Lessons?
  4. The appeal of romantic films and why female audiences favor them.
  5. Problems with making virtual buddies. 
  6. Compare and contrast traditional schooling with homeschooling.
  7. How Significant Is It to Have Access to the Arts?
  8. When and how should children be disciplined?
  9. Is there a "right" age to date? Are violent video games bad?
  10. Should parents be able to tell kids whether they can dye their hair?
  11. Do you think social media hurts more than it helps?
  12. Is there too much homework for middle school students?
  13. Do kids learn from their homework?
  14. Is life harder for your parents or your generation?
  15. Is cyberbullying just as bad as bullying in person?
  16. Should all cars run on electric power?
  17. Why do you think your favorite musician is the best?
  18. Should kids have to go to gym class?
  19. Do you think kids get money for doing well in school?
  20. Is it better to have classes in person or online?
  21. Should music be censored because of its explicit lyrics?
  22. Is cyberbullying the same as traditional bullying?
  23. Can you recommend a sport that has the lowest risk of injury?
  24. Should schoolchildren be allowed to provide feedback on their teachers?
  25. Why do you think it is a good idea for pupils to wear uniforms to school?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for High School 

Do you need help finding topics for controversial argumentative writings?

Listed below are some good topics for controversial argumentative essays for high school students:

  1. Is the current system of public education antiquated and in need of modernization?
  2. Should kids be exposed to technology at a young age?
  3. The iPhone is overpriced and Overrated.
  4. Does gender pay disparity exist?
  5. Should people of different sexual orientations use the same public restrooms?
  6. How does climate change matter?
  7. All reasonable efforts must be made to make cloning available to bereaved families at affordable costs.
  8. Modern youth is helpless without their electronics.
  9. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech on the internet.
  10. Surveillance cameras should be high quality.
  11. Does education quality differ between public and private schools?
  12. Does homeschooling provide good results?
  13. What do you think about banning junk food from classrooms?
  14. Which country do students have the best chance of receiving a quality education in?
  15. For what reasons would you recommend a one-sex institution for education?
  16. Could graffiti be considered art, or is it just vandalism?
  17. Exactly what steps may be taken to stop bullying from happening?
  18. Should children be allowed to use social media while in school?
  19. Rapid technological advancement is linked to rising cancer rates.
  20. Is there any public behavior that ought to be criminalized?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for College 

Are you trying to find controversial argumentative essay topics for your essay?  If so, we've got you covered. A list of good controversial argumentative essay topics is provided below.

  1. Should student-athletes get paid by colleges and universities?
  2. Is it appropriate for schools to mandate that kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance?
  3. Why should students be required to wear school uniforms?
  4. Is grading necessary in PE courses?
  5. Should tuition be required for colleges, or should it be free? 
  6. Wars may soon be fought without soldiers if drones are used.
  7. Many significant risks are associated with Wi-Fi use, and users should proceed cautiously.
  8. Should students form religious groups in public schools?
  9. Should all internships be paid?
  10. Would degree cost affect income?
  11. Is climate change the world's biggest threat?
  12. Is requiring students to buy a professor's book a conflict of interest?
  13. Slavery reparations: have they been made?
  14. Should popular votes decide elections?
  15. Should everyone get free healthcare?
  16. Do anti-discrimination laws protect disabled students?
  17. Is an online degree as valid as a college degree?
  18. Can any conclusions be drawn about the outcomes of sexual education programs?
  19. How does migration benefit the United States?
  20. A Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Must be established in the world

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