200+ Argumentative Essay Topics for 2023

This article lists argumentative essay topics for middle school, high school, and college.

Colleges and high schools require students to debate carefully and support their arguments with facts and opinions rather than confront each other.

Arguments are an excellent way to organize your thoughts and clarify them, and they can also help you understand opposing views and why those stands are taken. They are, therefore, perfect for helping students overcome thinking blocks and articulate their thoughts clearly.

Behind every argument is a logical claim with a conformational bias. Arguments help bring out those biases and logically choose the best options. Some topics do not have a defined black-and-white contrast, but through schematic explanations, either party may be convinced of the other party’s opinion. 

Overall, arguments have been an uncharted area to learn about and improve knowledge. Argumentative essay ideas can be the perfect way to allow students to "argue responsibly." This article explains what an argumentative essay is and how you can choose an argumentative essay topic for your college essay. 

Argumentative Essay Definition

Argumentative essays involve taking an objective, defined, and purposeful position on a subject and carefully presenting it. There are three main sections of about five paragraphs in an argumentative essay. The first is the introductory paragraph, the next three are the body paragraphs, and the last is the conclusion. 

A student's argumentative essay can be a valuable tool for analyzing their critical thinking processes and seeing how robust their research abilities are. Good argumentative essay topics are frequently open-ended, with responses dictated by the student's perception or knowledge of the issue. For example, topics for argumentative essays surrounding climate change, trial rulings, and gender choices, among others, can start a year-long argument with either side having convincing points to support their claims.  

As stated earlier, the first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. It is the first contact with the argument's thesis. The introductory paragraph is made better through carefully highlighted logical and empirical evidence. It must also contain the writer's position and the context of the argument.

Next is the body of an argumentative essay. This aspect introduces each body paragraph with bullet points formatted as topic sentences. The essay's body should be captivating, with supporting evidence for every quoted claim, fact, or statistic. They often contain counterarguments, showing a robust understanding of the subject.  

The fifth paragraph is the conclusion paragraph. There is no need for repetition of the body paragraph in this segment. Still, the thesis can be reemphasized differently to summarize everything provided in the preceding paragraphs.  

Types of Argumentative Essay

All argumentative essays can be categorized into three groups. They are,

  1. Classical
  2. Toulmin 
  3. Rogerian 

1. Classical Argument

The classical argument, also called the "Aristotelian" type of argument (after the Greek philosopher Aristotle), is one of the most prominent types of argumentative essay topics. The primary aim of this type of essay is to present a point of view to the reader and convince them to reason with the writer.   

This model starts by explaining both sides of the argument and persuading the reader to take one side using hard facts and emotional perspectives. 

Some of the key facts of the model include

  1. The main idea of the essay
  2. The writer's point of view on the argument
  3. The contrarian perspective to the argument
  4. Evidence supporting the writer’s view
  5. Benefits of choosing the said point of view
  6. Conclusion on the claim

2. Toulmin Argument

The Toulmin system of argumentative essays idea is best suited for topics that do not have an absolute solution or obvious truth. In this essay, designed after Stephen Toulmin, one side is presented without regard for the other.  

There are six parts to the Toulmin argument

  1. Claim/introductions
  2. Grounds, facts, and evidence
  3. Warrants
  4. An extra layer of proof
  5. Qualifier
  6. Rebuttal or counterarguments

3. Rogerian Argument

Unlike the previous two argument types, the Rogerian type of argument is Irenic. This argument type chooses a side for an argument and looks to create a middle ground for both the supporting and opposing sides. The premise of the Rogerian argument is that an argument can be viewed from both perspectives. 

Some aims of this argumentative essay type include

  1. To be more inclusive to the reader by showing that you understand their points and know why they stood by that argument
  2. To show that you have similar moral attributes and are more about inclusiveness rather than being right. 

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for argumentative writing can be mentally draining, but it ought not to be. Selecting a topic for your argumentative essays requires following specific rules and instructions. First, look within at what inspires you the most and, as it is fondly said, what you can freely talk about even if woken from your sleep.

Knowledge is good, but you need more than knowledge and credible resources when arguing a point or an ideology. You need to have a passion for the topic and be intrigued by the options for information. 

Some resources to get information for your essay include

  1. Books and journals 
  2. Online resources (ensure its credibility before using)
  3. Video resources
  4. Publications

Remember, you will need to have quotations and references in your essay. After choosing a topic, think of your audience. Try to avoid topics that are not interesting or have bland statistics. Also, avoid emotional topics. It might be challenging to talk about a topic you are emotionally attached to. 

Choose something you know and can express your opinion on. Good topics for argumentative essays are subjective because of individuals’ areas of expertise and knowledge base.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing a good argumentative topic for your essay requires skill and availability of information, and here are some examples of argumentative topics you are probably knowledgeable in;

  • Should businesses hire for diversity?
  • Can men and women be equal?
  • Do social media trends affect relationships?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised?
  • Is going to college a prerequisite for success?
  • Climate change or AI revolution: which is a more significant threat?
  • Can the world move completely renewable?
  • Do citizens mirror the actions of leaders?
  • Should American elections swag with electoral votes?
  • Should art and music be made mandatory for students?
  • Will AI help or hurt the world?
  • Are hardcovers better than e-readers?
  • Can world power change hands?
  • Are parents more responsible for truancy than the children themselves?
  • Which part of the world is more dreadful, Space or the oceans?
  • Should interns be paid?
  • Do anti-discrimination laws affect the disabled?

50 Best Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essay topics can be taken from any field of human endeavor. Anything that can be analyzed can be argued, and here are some argumentative essay ideas and the fields they fit in. 

1.  Education

  1. Does gender affect education and intelligence?
  2. Homeschooling Vs. Traditional schooling: Which schooling type best fits 21st-century children 
  3. Do European schools beat their US counterparts in quality and environmental beauty?
  4. Does separately schooling children with special needs affect their interpersonal relationships?
  5. Should lecturers have casual friendships with their students?
  6. Should extracurricular activities be encouraged in high schools? 
  7. Should children be exposed to financial management at a tender age?
  8. Are cliques an indispensable part of school life?

2.  Technology 

  1. Has the internet improved or reduced the quality of thoughts?
  2. Will humans become lazier or more hardworking with AI?
  3. Have we reached the peak of technological advancement?
  4. Can technology help improve physical interactions?
  5. Will artificial intelligence increase unemployment?
  6. Should children be allowed to make gender choices?
  7. What is the primary cause of moral decadence in the 21st century?
  8. Are media companies newsmakers or news spreaders?
  9. Did the coronavirus make a dent in technology?
  10. Do we still need paper in an internet-ravaged world?

3. Sports

  1. Should sports programs be a priority for colleges?
  2. Do sports improve or reduce academic excellence?
  3. Are cheerleaders a necessary part of sports?
  4. Should board games be made Mandatory in elementary schools?
  5. Should age restrictions be removed from sports betting?
  6. Should sportswomen earn as much as sportsmen?
  7. Should the Olympics be discontinued?
  8. Should men coaches work with female athletes?
  9. Is racism still present in sports?
  10. Should a point beyond the basketball half-court line be worth more?

4. Gender inequality

  1. Do men suffer emotional abuse too?
  2. Are western governments too liberal about gender inequality activism?
  3. Should men have paternity leave?
  4. Why does prejudice still exist against female politicians?
  5. Do gender change activists have roots in failed parenting?
  6. Why does the media not portray the risks of gender change?  
  7. Is free will a myth?

5. Psychology

  1. Signing Freud or Wilhelm Wundt, who is the father of psychology
  2. Are mid-life crises real?
  3. Chocolates or music; what helps the brain recover from stress?
  4. Do inter-country travels help improve a child’s mental strength?
  5. Is optimism a powerful catalyst for success?
  6. Do mantras or slogans affect the mind?
  7. Are dreams premonitions or factors of our activities?
  8. Is astronomy random or scientific?
  9. Who has a more excellent hold on early-day psychology: Egypt or Greece?

  6. Privacy

  1. Are public cameras an infringement on human privacy?
  2. How much data is too much data for social media companies?
  3. Can one be private on the internet?
  4. Does incognito really help privacy? 
  5. Are crypto owners anonymous or pseudonymous?
  6. Does privacy empower us?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

To avoid being shocked when asked to write an argumentative essay, try exploring some topics for argumentative writing. 

Below are some examples of good topics for argumentative essays. 

  • Should animal testing be banned?  
  • Manufacturers or oil drilling companies- who is more responsible for ocean waste?  
  • Should illegal immigrants be sent back to their countries?
  • Is fake news a myth?
  • Which political party is more in people’s interest?
  • How can income gaps be reduced?
  • What is the essential issue for us as a country?
  • Is capitalism better than socialism?
  • Is America ready for a female president?
  • Do homework and extra lessons help students become better?
  • Should teachers be paid more than doctors?
  • Are middle school competitions a good idea?
  • Was life better 20 years ago than it is now?
  • Should kids be appreciated for getting good grades? Will electric cars become as popular as fuel gas?
  • Are virtual classes better than physical classes?
  • Should schools have gyms?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High school

High school is a place to hone your essay-writing skills; the topics to be covered should have an iota of professionalism and conciseness. Good argumentative topics will get you good grades and help develop analytical and critical thinking. Here are a few argumentative topics you might be interested in.

  • Do your votes count?
  • Is single-sex education better or worse?
  • Does the Black Live Matter tag promote equality or divisiveness?
  • Should trans people have their laws?
  • Should schooling be free?
  • Are subsidies excellent or harmful?
  • Should people that earn more be made to pay more?
  • Should high school students be required to do volunteer work?
  • Is it beneficial for student-athletes to take part in competitive sports? 
  • Are traditional teaching methods effective, or should more innovative approaches be introduced into the classroom? 
  • Should high schools set a dress code for their students? 
  • Should there be a more extended school day for high schoolers? 
  • Should the drinking age for teenagers in the US be lowered to 16? 
  • Do standardized tests accurately reflect student intelligence and aptitude? 
  • Is grading on a curve fair to all students, or should the school focus on individual grades? 
  • Should parents have more control over their children’s education?
  • Should high school students be allowed to take college classes for credit? 
  • Are standardized tests the best measure of a student’s success in school? 
  • Should schools monitor social media networks to prevent cyberbullying? 
  • Is it wrong for students to skip class and miss out?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Some colleges require you to write an essay before you can get in. It is to assess your thinking strength and allow them to gauge the quality of your thoughts. It is also a way to measure how well you can communicate and express yourself. Writing an essay for college admission requires research, brainstorming, pre-writing, and drafting.

It is only appropriate to choose good topics for argumentative essays, as this can determine the outcome of your application. Here are some topics for argumentative writing you might be interested in. 


  • Is abolishing the death penalty a good idea?
  • Should our constitution be revisited?
  • Higher or lower tax: Why and How?  
  • Is religion a leading cause of wars?
  • Should there be an age limit to contest for a political position?



  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Fathers deserve Paternity leave- A case study
  • Are birth control laws essential?


  • Are college students more intelligent than ten years ago?
  • Should students be allowed to ask questions in the exam hall?
  • Should children go to school at a tender age?
  • Single-sex schools or mixed schools- Which is better?
  •  Are college loans a trap or a blessing?


Art / Culture

  • Art or vandalism- Where does graffiti stand?
  • Should schools ban mobile phones?
  • Are video games the cause of more teenage shooters?
  • Should arts and Music be taught at a young age?
  • Are copyright laws too harsh or too lenient? 
  • What was the best decade for movies?



  • Are phones a cause of brief attention spans?
  • Should toddlers have internet access?  
  • How much data is too much data- A case of social media companies and users. 
  • Are humans moving back to being a primitive society?
  •  Owners or makers: Who should bear the brunt of a self-driving car accident?



  • Are basketball players paid too much?
  • Remuneration for college students - Good or bad
  • Should gender separate sports?
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